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Good writing isn’t only about spelling, grammar and punctuation and it’s not only for exams.

Writing is a form of communication. Communication is all about conveying a message. Whether it’s a shouted greeting to a friend or a printed marketing leaflet, the outcome depends on how the message is perceived. And that depends on how the message is expressed.  

When we talk, the precise words we use are less important because we also use several other tools to express ourselves. Words, tone and body language all help us create the impression we want, and we get immediate feedback from the listener so we can correct or clarify the message they receive.

When we write, the only tools we have are words and punctuation. Without the benefit of tone and body language, choosing exactly the right words is essential. A single word or punctuation mark can decide whether your audience is excited or bored, pleased or insulted. To get the right outcome, you need to use the right words. Better words, better results.


I have been greatly impressed by Rivka’s skills as a copywriter and proofreader and can wholeheartedly recommend her. Rivka has a natural flair with the English language which is demonstrated in her ability to shape words and phrases in ways which are appropriate to a given context.

Graham Harfleet, GH Health Solutions Ltd, U.K.

Rivka is a pleasure to work with. A true professional who produces the goods in an extremely timely manner. She is a copywriter and editor par excellence. 
We are a small charity with a big agenda. Rivka is an innovative thinker who has presented our charity with original and novel work in a forward-thinking and beautifully presented format.
It is my genuine pleasure to supply this testimonial to the quality of work and workmanship that is her wont.
Bayla Gross on behalf of Kivisi, Manchester, U.K.

I have used Rivka’s services several times for reviewing English documents for clients. I was more than happy with the quality of her editing. She is a true professional, and also a pleasure to work with.

Chris Hopley Translations, The Hague

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