This Charming Property: A Copywriter’s Magic

This Charming Property: A Copywriter’s Magic

“Opportunity to purchase a unique dwelling.

We are offering a vintage marine home, permanently docked in a scenic location, and surrounded by abundant plant life. The graceful lines of the timber structure are enhanced by a wide band of tropical blue paintwork, evoking images of lagoons and sunshine. Large windows on three sides of the upper storey allow panoramic views out to sea, and there is even a small balcony area for sitting out on warm days. Some renovation is required, but if you’re after a summer home with real character, this is for you. Contact us for more details.“

If you read this without looking at the picture, would it have sounded attractive? What would you have imagined? Probably nothing like the decaying wreck in the picture.

That’s the beauty of copywriting and the magic of words. With the right words, and the right choices of what to stress, you can make anything sound good. Give me a rat-infested sewer to market as a desirable residence and I’ll do it for you.

Before you panic and decide never to trust anything you read again, I can reassure you that advertising standards don’t allow marketers to deliberately mislead the public. But picking the right words is still essential for anyone selling a service or product. Not only can the right words trigger positive images and emotions, but the wrong words can destroy a great product. You might be selling something that will make everyone’s life better but, if your marketing copy doesn’t make it sound attractive, nobody will want it.

Even a small business owner knows an accountant is a necessity. What they sometimes don’t realise is that a professional copywriter is equally necessary. If you wouldn’t do your own accounts, don’t try and write your own marketing copy. Let the experts help and watch your sales grow.

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