What do I do?

I offer a comprehensive proofreading, editing, copywriting and general writing service for individuals, businesses and charities. With a strong administrative background, I have acquired a lot of knowledge of a variety of industries (including health/medical and retail/wholesale), which is of tremendous benefit.

Not only is this important for the documents I edit or write, but it also helps me relate to the needs of a diverse group of clients.

Why do I do it?

why I write

Am I an editor because I like fault-finding and correcting people?

Am I a copywriter because I like manipulating people’s emotions and decisions?

Not at all.

I simply love words and I love helping people produce the best-written communications they can, for the best results.

I get enormous satisfaction from transforming a less-than-optimal piece of text into a perfect piece of prose. The more disorganised or poorly expressed, the more I relish the task.

I get excited about finding just the right words to ‘sell’ a product, event or charity so the text grabs people’s attention and the message resonates. I love the way different words create vastly different images and impressions.

How do I do it?

I’m organised, methodical and meticulous about all my work.

I’m patient and take the time to make sure I understand your text and/or interpret your requirements correctly.

I’m interested, enthusiastic and full of ideas for marketing writing, including grant applications.

I’m imaginative and empathetic, which helps me create effective copy for target groups,

I’m experienced in motivating and engaging with people.

I give every client a personal and responsive service. I don’t only work for you. I work with you to make sure your finished text couldn’t be better.

For whom do I do it?

Publications – Businesses – Charitable organisations – Individuals

Whatever the context, if it’s word related, I’m sure I can help.